The Best Free SEO Tools For 2017

Google Webmaster Tools

This one isn’t optional folks. You have to install Google Webmaster Tools in order to ‘communicate’ with Google about your site.


Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing’s version of webmaster tools.


Google Adwords Keyword Tool

This is the defacto starting point for your keyword research in SEO. Everything starts here!
SEOBook SEO Tools (These are both free and paid)

Check some of these SEOBook tools out.


SEO Site Tools (Google Chrome Plugin)

This is a great chrome plugin.


Google Trends

Google Trends is a great additional tool to check query volume.



This will show you a number of things going on behind-the-scenes with competitor websites. Server information, CMS systems, frameworks, analytics and tracking, javascript libraries, widgets, aggregation functionality, document information and encoding.



Find broken links and errors with Xenu.


SEM Rush (SEM Data and Organic Ranking Information)

Get a better view of the competitive SERP landscape.

See how search engines view your site with Browseo.


Internet Marketing Ninjas On-Page Optimization Analysis

An on-page analysis tool to check internal and external links.


XML Sitemap Generator

You can create an XML sitemap here.


Rich Snippets Testing Tool

Use this tool to check how Google views your structured data markup. It’s particularly useful if you have a G+ profile and you want to verify authorship for your blog posts.


Virante Duplicate Content Checker

Use this to determine wether or not you have duplicate content problems.


Advanced Link Manager – Manage your links. This tool is awesome.


Link Research Tools – Compiles link data from lots of sources into one dashboard.


Majestic SEO – One of the best link explorers in the industry.


Open Site Explorer – THE best link explorer in the industry.


Ahrefs – A great link analysis tool.


ClickMinded SEO Certification – Learn more about the ClickMinded SEO Individual Qualification

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